Dave Ellick

Your crew did a wonderful job this past Friday. They showed up exactly at 8 AM, when I was not expecting them until somewhere between 8 and Noon (from the original timeframe). I was impressed right away when they showed up right at the start
I was totally impressed with how quickly and efficiently they got to work. All 4 of the crew was busy the entire time they were here, all seemed to know exactly what to do, and all 4 worked around each other each keeping fully busy without getting in one another’s way. Like clockwork, they had all the materials they needed, knew exactly what went where, why, and how each step prepared the way for the next step. They never stopped for a break, and exactly at 12:25PM, they pulled away and the job was totally completed and the area entirely cleaned up.
In short, I was more than impressed and will be very happy to give you excellent reviews.