Is a permit needed for the building?

It is the customer responsibility to obtain any permits that are required in your area. You can check if a permit is needed by contacting your local county and/or city building departments.

What is the difference between 12 gauge – 2 ¼” galvanized steel legs and 14 gauge – 2 ½” galvanized steel legs?

While lower gauge steel is thicker, all of our gauge options can be certified. However, 12 gauge provides additional warranty protection and, if needed, higher ratings for snow and wind. 14 gauge is the standard galvanized frame option.

When will I get notified about being on schedule?

You will get notified about a week prior you install date & time. This will give you enough time to prep your site and other things pending.

What do I need to do to my site to make it ready for the day of installation?
  • It is the customers responsibility to have any permit required by your county.
  • Your land must be leveled day of installation. If not ready, fees will be applied.
  • We will need 2ft clearance all around the area where installation will take place.
  • No hanging wires or underground utilities.
How long will it take for my building to be completed?

Most of our buildings take about 2-4 hrs. Depending on your building size, it could take about 1-2 days.

Does itiel’s add to an existing building that they did not install?

Itiel’s does not add nor modify any existing building we did not install.

Do you provide gutters?

Itiel’s does not provide gutters.

If I order the engineered drawings, how long will they take to arrive?

Once you have paid up front for engineered drawings, it could take 2-5 business days to arrive.

Do you offer a financing program?

Unfortunately we do not offer any type of financing

Is there any fees for a “custom” color?

Fees may be applied when wanting a color we do not provide.

What warranties do your buildings have?
  • 12g: 20 years limited warranty on rust through of framing on roofing material assuming normal user care and maintenance.
  • 14g: 10 years limited warranty on rust through of framing on roofing material assuming normal user care and maintenance.
  • 30 days leak warranty

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